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"...captures the remarkable transformation of a relationship and the healing of two souls."
New York Jewish Film Festival

"In the wrenching Mr. Rakowski, ..."
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"...een schitterend en spannend verhaal..."
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info: jandiederen@xs4all.nl A "Gestolen Tijd" Production 77 minutes, language: English

“In the wrenching Mr. Rakowski, Dutch filmmaker Jan Diederen almost seems to have been hired to mediate between father and son to bring about a reconciliation. Wizened Sam Rakowski dispassionately recounts the details of his life in pre-war anti-Semitic Poland and on to the horrors he survived in Auschwitz, where he even managed six times to save his wife’s life. His deprivations sharply contrast with his son’s idyllic suburban estate, and his post-war reminiscences vividly and sharply diverge from his baby-boomer son Richie’s memories. Richie painfully testifies what it was like to grow up in a household of secrets and suppression that seethed with posttraumatic stress. (Paolo Barzman‘s gauzy adaptation of the novel Emotional Arithmetic, also in the program, is far less raw in its parallel post-Holocaust generational clash, even with a stellar cast.) The younger Mr. Rakowski keeps pulling the director back in to help him and his father communicate, which seems most possible, ironically, at a cemetery.”

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